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Provider Eligible Arrangements

A provider eligible arrangement (PEA) may be used streamline access to the Additional Child Care Subsidy where a child is deemed at risk and there are barriers to access due to Child Care Subsidy eligibility.


A provider eligible arrangement (PEA) may be used when a child who is deemed at risk requires access to subsidised hours of Child Care through the Additional Child Care Subsidy. Approved service providers may enrol a child through a PEA to receive the subsidy on behalf of the child.

What is available

A PEA may be made in circumstances where:

A Child Care Subsidy (CCS) eligible parent or caregiver cannot be found

  • The service is not able to identify a parent or caregiver who is eligible for the CSS (E.g. the parent or caregiver does not meet residency rules)


The child is in a formal foster care arrangement

  • This allows a service to create a PEA for a child in a formal foster care arrangement for a maximum period of 13 weeks
  • The PEA will provide immediate access to ACCS payments while the carers of the child claim and evidence their eligibility for the CCS


Find more information about the process and eligibility for PEA here

OR Contact: CCSHelpdesk@dese.gov.au  for further assistance