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bupup balak wayipungang initiative

wayipungitj work out of local community-based organisations and support Koorie children and their families to engage with culturally inclusive kinder programs and support Koorie parents, families and carers feel confident and comfortable to be involved with the kinder journey.


wayipungitj work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, their families, communities, teachers and early learning settings to improve learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for Koorie children.

wayipungitj can start supporting a child from the time they are eligible for kinder.

If you are working with a Koorie child, consider engaging with a Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO) to further support the child’s entry into formal education.

What you can get

The long-term outcome of the bupup balak wayipungang initiative is improved learning, development, and wellbeing for Koorie children. A wayipungitj will provide support in the following ways:

  • support the participation of Koorie children in funded kinder programs by working collaboratively with the kinder sector, related services, and Aboriginal families/local communities.
  • enable culturally inclusive and welcoming kinder programs for Koorie children and families.
  • assist Koorie families in engaging with their children's kinder service and support kinder services to actively involve the local community in providing input to the kinder program.
  • provide information to Koorie families that enhances their participation in other key early childhood services and supports their children's transition to school.

wayinpungitj work with kinder educators and service management to build their capacity to ensure their service is culturally inclusive and the local Aboriginal community is engaged.

They also work with families in different ways to ensure they are engaged with their kindergarten service and their children are enrolled in a kinder program: Early Start Kindergarten (ESK), Funded Three-Year-Old kinder or Funded Four-Year-Old Kinder.

How to access

Professionals working with Koorie children and families can email their local Early Childhood Improvement Branch to enquire about support from a wayipungitj.


The Department of Education and Training has multiple resources available to support Koorie children and their families engage with formal learning, including:

  • The Marrung strategy ensures that all Koorie Victorians achieve their learning aspirations.

VAEAI and the Victorian Inclusion Agency’s resource ‘Walking Together’ provides suggestions and resources for professionals to embed culturally safe practice in their work. It can also be used with parents and carers of Aboriginal children.