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The Orange Door

Each Orange Door is a network of services working in partnership to provide safe and accessible support. It is available for adults, children and young people experiencing family violence or families seeking support with the care and wellbeing of children and young people.

Who can refer?

  • Community members: Anyone with a concern for a child or family’s well-being can make a referral to TOD.
  • Professionals: Referrals can be made for vulnerable children, young people (0 to 17 years), and their families, including families with an unborn child.
  • Individuals: including children and young people can self-refer for support from TOD.
  • Victoria Police: Police officers will make referrals to TOD when children have experienced family violence or when there are concerns for a child’s wellbeing.

Who can be supported?

  • Women, children, young people and older people who have experienced, are experiencing or are at risk of family violence.
  • Families in need of support with the care of, or in addressing the wellbeing or developmental needs of children, or where there are significant concerns for a child’s wellbeing.
  • Persons using violence can receive support in addressing their behaviour

The Orange Door accepts referrals for individuals and families from across Victoria. People of all ages, citizenship status, ability, gender, sexuality, cultural or religious group are welcome to access The Orange Door.

What support is available?

Free and confidential support including risk and needs assessments, safety planning, crisis support, and connection to a wide range of services such as mental health or housing support.

Referrals to local support services for families, and referrals to specialist services for those experiencing or those responsible for using family violence.  

The Orange Door is also able to provide advice and information to individuals, families and professionals about risk, child, and family wellbeing, and make linkages to a range of services within the community.  The staff at TOD are also trained to assess the safety and wellbeing of children and can access specialist advice quickly as required to ensure families receive the right services to meet their needs.


Contact can be made, over the phone, by email, or in person.

Contact details and locations of access points across the state can be found here.

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