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DFFH Supported Playgroups (smalltalk)

DFFH Supported Playgroups deliver an evidence-based program (smalltalk) to families facing complex challenges and support parents/carers to develop the skills and confidence to support their children’s safety and development. Families are also supported to connect to their local community including informal supports and specialised services. DFFH Supported Playgroups are delivered by qualified and trained facilitators who also provide 1:1 support to families in their homes focussing on improving parent/child interactions.


Families may be able to access a DFFH Supported Playgroup if they meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • a family member in the household holds a Health Care Card or equivalent
  • families in which a family member identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • families looking after children in kinship care arrangements (Out of Home Care)
  • families referred from Child FIRST/child protection

What you can get

DFFH Supported Playgroups are delivered weekly throughout the school term and can include up to 10 families.

DFFH Supported Playgroups deliver an evidence-based program (smalltalk) and focus on supporting parents/carers to develop their skills and confidence including:

  • encouraging parents/carers to interact with their children in a warm and gentle manner to promote wellbeing and attachment
  • tuning in to their child by giving them their full attention frequently and promptly to promote learning
  • attending to whatever their child shows an interest in to promote learning
  • listening and talking to their child more frequently to promote the development of language and communication skills
  • using teachable moments when they arise to emphases parents key role in supporting children’s healthy development
  • shared reading to promote reading and promote learning

How to access

Information about DFFH Supported Playgroups can be accessed via the service provider in the local government area where a family resides. In most local government areas this is the local council.

To find out more about playgroups in a family’s area, encourage a family to speak with their Universal or Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health nurse or contact the local council.


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