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Specialist Disability Support Practitioners

Specialist Disability Support Practitioners (SDSP) are located within each Child and Family Services Alliance. They can support children and families experiencing vulnerability who live with a disability. A particular focus of the role is to provide support to families with NDIS access and participation. SDSPs are also responsible for building an understanding and capacity amongst professionals about disability supports and linkages within the broader Family Services programs within their Alliance.

Who is eligible?

  • Families with a child or parent with a disability who are linked with family services. A formal diagnosis is not required to receive support from a SDSP.
  • Child and Family Service practitioners can access support when working with children and families who meet the criteria.  

What support is available?

For children and families

  • SDSPs can support families with children or adults who have a disability and are seeking access to the NDIS or mainstream disability services.
  • They can assist families to navigate systems of disability support, including the NDIS, disability advocates, disability service providers and mainstream services.
  • They are able to assist with alternative pathways for someone who is not yet an NDIS participant or not eligible.

For Family Services practitioners 

  • SDSPs can provide individual case consultations to staff and build the ongoing capacity of Family Services Practitioners within the catchment on disability and NDIS-related issues.
  • SDSP’s may also be able to offer a case review and in some instances co-manage cases with practitioners to provide extra support for families and guidance for practitioners.  

 How to access?

SDSPs are allocated within each Family Service Alliance across the state. Families may be referred to a SDSP via their regional Orange Door Network. Families may also be referred through their Family Services Program if they are already linked in with the services. Practitioners wishing to be linked with the SDSP for case consultation can request a this through their team leader.