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Preschool Field Officers (PSFOs)

The Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) program provides capacity building support to Victorian funded kindergartens. PSFOs support the access, inclusion and participation of children with developmental concerns in the kindergarten program. PSFOs are based in each region and provide consultation, resources and practical advice to early childhood teachers and educators. PSFOs may also assist teachers/educators to link children and families with helpful supports.


All Victorian funded kinder programs are eligible to access the PSFO service to support the access, inclusion and participation of children with developmental concerns in a kindergarten program.  This includes children enrolled in Funded  Three-Year-Old Kindergarten, Four-Year-Old Kindergarten, and Early Start Kindergarten.

This may include children with:

  • language delays
  • developmental delays
  • disabilities
  • social/emotional needs
  • challenging behaviour
  • additional needs resulting from trauma.

What's available

PSFOs are degree-qualified early childhood educators with experience providing high quality inclusive kindergarten programs.

PSFOs provide a range of supports including:

  • information, resources and program strategies
  • contributing to the educator’s identification of a child’s additional needs
  • coaching of the educator and modelling specific strategies
  • identification of referral pathways.

These supports assist educators to build their confidence, knowledge and skills to plan and deliver an inclusive kindergarten program that is responsive to children with additional needs.

The PSFO program is available at no cost  to all state funded kindergarten services.

How to access

The kinder service will lead the referral and will need consent from the parents/carers before they can begin working with a PSFO for an individual child.

Parents/carers or professionals working with families may feel a child would benefit from the support of a PSFO in their kindergarten program – in this case speak to the kindergarten service directly about facilitating a referral.


More information on the PSFO program.