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MyTime Peer Support

MyTime is a free peer-support group program led by a qualified facilitator for parents and carers of children with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition. Children in the years before school can attend, and a play helper will be on site to support their engagement.


MyTime groups are free for parents and carers of children with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition.

MyTime is not restricted to parents/carers of children with particular additional needs and all groups are open to all parents and carers. In some circumstances, parents/carers may be eligible to attend MyTime even if their child doesn't have a diagnosis.

The program is free and no NDIS plan is needed, however it is important to consider NDIS eligibility for children with a disability or developmental delay.

If a child has a disability or complex medical needs and is attending a funded kinder program the Kindergarten Inclusion Support program should be considered.

If a child with additional needs is attending a long day care setting, the Commonwealth funded Inclusion Support Program should also be considered.

What you can get

MyTime is delivered by trained facilitators who organise the session and have experience in disability, parenting or family support. Groups typically run weekly during school terms.

MyTime groups are a supportive space for parents and carers to:

  • feel understood and share ideas about managing a range of situations
  • meet other parents/carers in similar situations.
  • access information and resources though the group facilitator.

Children can attend and a play helper will be present at the group to engage children in play.

How to access

Find a group nearest to a family here.

To find out more about playgroups in a family’s area, encourage a family to speak with their Maternal and Child Health nurse or contact the local council.


  • ACD run a free support line, helping families to understand their child’s rights and support them to advocate for their child and family. The support line is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Call 03 98807000 or 1800 654 013 (regional) Or email acdsupport@acd.org.au  Or text 0475577 997