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LOOKOUT Early Childhood Learning Advisors (ECLAs)

LOOKOUT Education Support Centres support children living in Out of Home Care (OoHC) achieve the best educational outcomes. LOOKOUT Centres work with children from kinder through to educational pathways at the end of their schooling journey. LOOKOUT Early Childhood Learning Advisors (ECLAs) work with kinders and engage the team around the child including early childhood services, child protection practitioners, contracted case managers and carers to ensure children living in OoHC, can access and engage in high quality kinder programs and experience a supportive transition to school.


LOOKOUT Centres and ECLAs support children living in OoHC, including Foster and Kinship care, and children on Permanent Care orders up to 12 months.

ECLAs can start supporting a child from the time they are eligible for kinder.

What you can get

The ECLAs can support a child living in OoHC by:

  • supporting a child’s access and participation into a high quality kinder (sessional or in long day care), including addressing any barriers to access
  • advocating for children in OoHC to be at the centre of all educational decision making
  • attending Program Support Group (PSG) meetings or care team meetings for children with complex needs
  • monitoring and supporting transition to school processes, connecting professionals and child/carer to maximise the quality of the planning
  • promoting inclusive, culturally safe and trauma-informed practice in early childhood settings for children in OoHC
  • providing professional learning regarding kinder and transition to school processes to all professionals working with the child.

How to access

ECLAs play a proactive role in supporting children living in OoHC engage with education.

If you are supporting a child living in OoHC, ask the ECEC service if they are connected with their local LOOKOUT ECLA.  

If there are concerns for a child’s education engagement, or the level of support being provided, seek support from the local ECLA by contacting the appropriate region via email.


More information about LOOKOUT Education Support Centres.