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Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme

The Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS, the Scheme) allows authorised organisations to share information related to assessing or managing family violence risk. The Scheme supports authorised organisations to: keep perpetrators of family violence in view and accountable and promote the safety of victim survivors of family violence

Who can share information under FVISS?

Information can only be shared under the Scheme by professionals at authorised organisations, known as Information Sharing Entities (ISEs).

ISEs include services that work with children, young people, and families.


Professionals working at authorised organisations or ISEs include:

  • Teachers and educators
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Social workers
  • Police officers
  • Child protection workers
  • Youth justice workers
  • Early childhood educators
  • Mental health professionals
  • Family violence specialists
  • Other professionals working with children.

A searchable directory of ISEs can be found here.

How can the FVISS scheme support children’s wellbeing, including engagement with education?

  • The Scheme ensures that professionals working with children can gain a complete view of the children they work with, making it easier to identify wellbeing or safety needs earlier, and to act on them sooner.
  • This may enable proactive supports to be put in place to support an informed and positive learning environment.
  • Through proactive sharing, the Scheme enables a range of services to coordinate strategies and ensure children's wellbeing and safety both inside and outside of the educations setting.


More information about FVISS can be found here.