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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Outreach Initiative

CALD Outreach workers address barriers to kindergarten access and participation for children and families from CALD backgrounds. They also support families transition to school, as well as ongoing engagement and participation in education.


CALD Outreach workers provide direct support to families from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background. This includes families from newly arrived, asylum seeker and/or refugee backgrounds.

CALD Outreach workers also engage with kindergarten services to build their capacity.

What is available

CALD Outreach workers can assist families to:

  • register and enrol eligible children into three- or four-year-old kindergarten or Early Start Kindergarten
  • address issues impacting their child’s participation and attendance in kinder, following enrolment and in partnership with the service
  •  engage in other early childhood supports in their local area, such as community playgroups and Maternal and Child Health services
  • support successful transitions from kindergarten to school

CALD Outreach workers also:

  • provide advice and support to educators and teachers to build their capacity to engage with CALD families at their services
  • increase community awareness and understanding of early childhood education and available services in their local government area
  • promote the interpreting services that are available for all funded kindergarten services via LanguageLoop, as well as available translated resource

How to access

The CALD Outreach initiative is currently delivered by 22 local councils. For more information on the CALD Outreach Initiative please contact the participating local council directly or the department at early.years.participation@education.vic.gov.au


Learn more about the CALD outreach initiative here.