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Chronic Disease Management Plan

Children and adults who may have ‘chronic and complex medical needs’ may be eligible to receive a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) through Medicare, which entitles them to benefits covering a total of five Allied Health services.

Who is eligible:

A family member may be eligible for a Medicare subsidised CDMP if they have:

  • a chronic medical condition (that has existed, or is likely to present for more than six months)
  • complex needs (meaning they need treatment from two or more health professionals). 

A formal diagnosis is not required to access a plan, and eligibility is determined solely by a General Practitioner (GP). Medicare eligibility must be verified to access a plan (claimant must hold a Medicare card). Please note that some families with a refugee or asylum seeker experience may be eligible for Medicare so it is worth exploring this.

What is available?

Once approved, the plan can allow access up to a total of five subsidised Allied Heath appointments per calendar year.  Some of the approved Allied Health services under the plan include:

·        Audiology

·        Occupational Therapy

·        Physiotherapy

·        Podiatry

·        Psychology

·        Dietetics

·        Exercise Physiology

·        Speech Therapy

How to access

Families are recommended to consult with their GP to discuss eligibility for a CDMP.

More information on CDMPs can be found here

*Please note, children younger than 6 years who may have a developmental delay or concern, or children younger than 9 years who may have a disability should be referred to the Early Childhood Approach(ECA) for support in the first instance. Children accessing supports through the ECA or those on a NDIS plan may be eligible to access a CDMP in addition – consult with the families GP for more information. This may be able to fill a service gap where long wait times and or financial constraints are a barrier to accessing services.