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Aboriginal Playgroups

Aboriginal Playgroups provide a culturally safe, fun and supportive space for Koorie parents, grandparents and caregivers to share ideas and experiences while their children interact and play. They can be a soft entry point for families transitioning into kinder and school and provide parents/carers with access to culturally safe information and programs to support their child’s health, wellbeing and connection to culture.


All Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children from birth to school age, and their families.

What you can get

Groups sessions are typically run weekly during school terms and located in local schools or community centers.

Aboriginal Playgroups offer children, parents, carers and grandparents an opportunity to connect with each other, learn about and connect to culture, and access culturally safe information about health, nutrition and child wellbeing.

How to access

Contact the local council or Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) to ask about Aboriginal playgroups in a family’s area.

Family's can also speak with their Universal or Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health Nurse to find out about playgroups in their area.